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Business brand.

Fairly.business Business brand seal of approval.

This is a business brand like a seal of participation. If you or your business believe in these principles of paying everybody fairly, and granting equity where it’s fairly possible, then you can be listed and be part of this adventure.

This is a business brand purely meant to eschew the principles of integrity in paying people fairly and generously and including more people in equity. And spreading these idealistic, utopian principles through our businesses, and business life.

People and businesses listed here believe in those principles, and practice those principles. That’s the basis for membership. Thank you for your support, and for spreading this seal.


Are you familiar with Fair Trade? It’s like Fair Trade. But it isn’t. It’s a business principle and brand. With a specific meaning.

It means you believe in it. You’re participating in it. You acknowledge the importance of it. And respect it. Practice it. Paying people fairly + encouraging including people in equity.

Believe in these principles?

Get listed, inquire!

Have your name, business name, appear on a list. With a link. Linking to your project.

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There are plenty of opportunities for sponsors in the form of paid links in a sponsor section as well as opportunities for benevolent advertisers. Please message to discuss further.

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What is fairly.business? Business principal plus brand. Business brand + seal of approval based around eschewing the ideals of paying fairly + generously. Including more people in equity. (Wherever possible.) Free + paid links available.

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Fairly.business Jonathansbrands.com #modern #brands #business #brandsforsale #buildingassets #modernassets


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